Tablecloths and Decoration Material with Spring Tulips
Spring Season Decor

This time, they're not from Amsterdam but from a department store. Put springtime on your table with these pretty, cheerfully colored tulips made of wood.

Table clothes and decoration material for spring tulips Table clothes and decoration material for spring tulips

The color combination of the decoration is in yellow/red/orange. Two fully unfolded red napkins are placed on the center of a yellow tablecloth; one small orange napkin is placed in the middle of the red napkin. The tulips are placed in glass vases of various heights, each vase filled with an orange or red napkin. Small glass containers with floating candles and tea lights are distributed over the whole table. One red and one orange napkin are folded over each other and placed on the plate. A tiny flower pot with a yellow tulip rests on the red portion and on the orange portion a flower pot with a red tulip.


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