Table decor Settings African table decoration

"Ham Kariba", "Sferia" and to the dessert "Yo Yo". Their guests will not any longer come out from being astonished. The probably surprisingly invitation, which they had ever! Still for many years one will talk about it and its a folding wealth and its cook art will praise. African kitchen and African table decoration, which is something that very rare even a far-traveled
guest finds probably - there it must be invited only with you!

Table decor Settings African table decoration Table decor Settings African table decoration

By the way behind the African expressions the following food sequence hides itself: Kariba ham (a delicate hors-d'oeuvre with cooked ham and Avocados), chicken with Cheese kroketten and to the dessert Oranges krapfen with honey.

The typically African atmosphere completely substantially certainly by the getigerten material, which is thrown loosely over the center of the table. The drying flowers in the background and the fern-similar sheets, which are distributed over the table in glass vases, symbolize
the African vegetation. Typically African menu-added, like red lenses and Kichererbsen in small clay/tone containers supplement the table slogan.

Also the candles and dte lights are accommodated, particularly original in clay/tone containers: in one ceramic(s) egg cups brew a dte light are placed, the edge with red lenses filled up.

The rusticale table-ware stands on a phloem set in form and provides together with the dished plate datteln on a green napkin before each guest for African tendency.

The king of the animals resident in Africa may not be missing naturally, between the sheets watches curiously a small lion from clay/tone maps culinary driving.


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