American table decoration - Setting
American Life Style

an impressive table for all America fans. With this decoration you are life" with all friends "American way of the OF; make a large impression with security!

American table decoration

After the blue rectangle for the flag as well as the red and blue stars for the plate decoration of clay/tone paper were tinkered, the table is decorated in the Nu: Put on a red tischdecke a piece red/white touched Markisenstoff to beyond the center of the table (see picture), into the left rear corner of the material comes easily diagonally the blue rectangle with the stars.

Now the table American covered up with: Coca Cola in differently large bottles, a Cola box, a bottle Ketchup, a glass with red and blue straws and with Popcorn - in
glaesern, on a blue star plate and on the table scatters. Small glass vase with red and blue napkins deflected serves the American flag as candle owners for the pointed candles in the colors. The plates are decorated alternating with red napkin one blue star and blue napkin one red star.

American Life Style


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