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Table decoration - settings with Plums

Plums are exactly the correct decoration for an autumn coffee gossip. With this decoration the plums cake tastes equivalent still times so good.

Bavarian Table decoration with Plums Bavarian decoration with Plums

At the rear part of the table the slogan of the decoration is clearly evident, in one with fruit tree leafs laid out basket those to wonderful fresh plums is presented. The topic autumn coffee gossip sits down away in rustikal the brown jug, which is filled with dried grasses. As Kerzenleuchter used rustikal wine cups round the overall view off. Each guest is welcomed with a plum on his plate, her lies on
a fruit tree sheet, which is held to the creme napkin with a violet loop. As small gift the guests receive to Glae plums in rum, which stands provided with a decorative material hood on a fruit tree sheet. On the entire table are the autumn plums time adapted Decoration elements: Wind light lights and candles with fruit tree leaf decorated, fruit tree branch with plums decorated.


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