Table Deco - Settings
- Chinese asiatic atmosphere -

can they also without Chinese porcelain create, as this table beweisst, you must however for the decoration little more expenditure operate around a style-genuine effect to obtain. But the result leaves no desires open and presents themselves as eastern eye pasture.

Chinese asiatic atmosphere

The green table sets are decorated bordered with thin bamboo staffs and just like the lightgreen napkin with a branch of bamboo, as Staebchenbruecke serve rice thread noodles.

At the rear part of the table by an arrangement from branches of bamboo with stones a Chinese structure is created. An octagonal basket into some rice thread noodles lie ensures in the table center for the
suitable Ambiente. Small lightgreen glass dished plates with Sojasosse and Chinese mushrooms round the overall view off. The dte lights are accommodated in the agreement to the stones in
marble holding.

Chinese asiatic atmosphere


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