Table Decoration - Settings for Golden Wedding Anniversary
- festive ambience in blue and apricot -

Wedding or Mariage home decor ideas pictures examples

This is a festive decoration in blue and apricot and provides the ideal setting for all "grand events." No matter whether it's a festively designed milestone birthday, a golden or silver wedding anniversary or even for the best day in a person's life - you cannot go wrong with this table setting.

weddings Anniversary decoration
wedding Anniversary decoration

A lace ribbon with blossoms lies over the entire length of a medium blue table cloth. Small glass vases with blue and white artificial flowers are placed along the ribbon. As appropriate for the festive occasion, the table is lit in candle light; a variety of lighting sources are used: tall glass vases with apricot-colored napkin and blue pointed candle; medium-tall glass vases with pointed candles rest on apricot-colored napkins; blue tea light holders placed on little glass vases rest on apricot-colored napkins.

The plates are decorated with an apricot-colored napkin that is not quite folded into a triangle and draped with a string of white pearls.

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