Italian Table Settings

Italian table decoration Bella Italia

you from this table against and each Italy friend laughs at the sight the heart laughs. Roma, Napoli, Venezia, which is inclined tower of Pisa and many other Italian objects of interest on "Boot"
the tischdecke shown, which forms the heart of this decoration. With nationaltypical products such as Spagetti, tomatoes, and Basilikum alone the decoration lets the water rounded off run to the lover of the Italian kitchen in the mouth together.

Italian table decoration Bella Italia

The typically Italian central cover lies on a red tischdecke and forms with its objects of interest of Italy the table center. For joining in for the Italian menu supply glasses with Spagetti and Pasta stand in
the rear part of the table.

The red wine-wrong is nationaltypical with volumes in red, white and green decorated. The wind lights ziert a loop likewise in the national  colors, also the glasses with smelling Basilikum have a dress in red, white and green, which consists of a napkin.

A glass plate with tomatoes in the front part of the table completes the Italian creation. Also the covers present themselves typically to Italian, the creme napkin are decorated with volumes in the colors of the Italian flag, among them some raw Spagetti lie. A small tomato and a branch Basilikum make the Italian cover completely.


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