The Mexican table decoration
Siesta Mexican style

At the sight of this latest current Mexican decoration one waits formally for the fact that a man in the Sombrero appears. Style-genuinly and effectively, but although without large expenditure
fast decorates.

The Mexican table decoration Siesta Mexican stile

The Mexican Ambiente works coined/shaped by the tischdecke and supports by nationalusual menu-added in style-genuine containers: Ear of corn in a brown accumulating form, white beans and corn grains in small round tongefaessen. The two Kakteen are wrapped for coloured adjustment into orange napkins, which are bound with a phloem volume.
In a large clay/tone pot is orange dyed drying grass, the cover lies in front of it decoratively ajar. The two wood Candles stands with bordeauxv colored candles and the small wine-red wind lights provide for tendencyful light. For the green napkins a simple decoration from phloem is taken.


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