Eastern exotic table decoration
Table Setting - a journey in the Orient -

make with their guests in this evening. These miracles beautiful, charm decoration its guests into extreme corners will shift. " A journey in the Orient " is my completely personal
favourite table.

Eastern exotic table decoration  a journey in the Orient

Admitted to make the mosque required it unites expenditure of time. Then you have however again and again an applicable decoration, which makes it for you possible to decorate a completely unusual table very fast.

Eastern exotic table decoration  a journey in the Orient

As counter ceilings a dark-blue table cloth without samples or structuring is used. At the table end from cardboards or books a landing is built. A golden colored table cloth is draped from this landing
to the table beginning. The mosque is placed on the landing and lit up from the rear with candles. On the way to the mosque are three camels, which are accompanied by two men in eastern garbs. The two men are the Christmas crib borrowed, it concern two of the holy ones of three kings. Dried thistles in a glass vase obtain the impression of landscape beside the mosque. The eastern Ambiente completed by "oriental lamps", those completely simply to make are: Wind lights and whisky cups are decorated with Orient bound. A small Clay pot with cork catch sets is a must. This
bezaubernde table decoration is finished already! Now still the decoration of the covers, also those is missing is fast made: a creme napkin is eastern decorated with a Orient bound and a golden


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