Orient table decoration
Table Setting - 1001 night -

unbelievably however was: with this fairy taleful decoration a only one eastern decoration article is not used. Aladdin did not rub thereby against the miracle lamp! Implements, which are to be found in each household, are eastern disguised. The effect obtained thereby is amazing, it its guests will inspire.

Orient table decoration 1001 night
Orient table decoration 1001 night

The eastern central cover is the only really genuine Orient investment on this table, it is put on a creme tischdecke. Now geht's to disguising: Wood small box in the table center: the small box is hit at the upper and lower edge of the cover with one tuerkisfarbenen Tuell Goldband each with Strasssteinen, hit in the center it with burgundfarbenem Orientband.

The volumes are fastened on the soil with sticking tires. Over the edge a golden Quastenband is wound and fixed with double-sided tape. Bread basket: the normally existing textile employment is removed and replaced by a orange/golden Quastenband.

Crystal vase with pointed candle: on the top margin a orange/golden Quastenband is stuck. Glass wind lights, small Glasvae and whisky cups with dte lights: on the top margin a burgundfarbenes Orientband is stuck.

Now our again created Orient implements are distributed decoratively on the table. The disguised wood small box, which looks now like the Sultans Schatzkaestlein, forms the center. With as much eastern festiveness may not place plate be missing.

A Bordeaux colored napkin is put to a bunch, held above a gold volume and a golden quaste with a Bordeaux colored Satinband together, which is bound afterwards to the loop. Also the glasses do not remain spared from eastern lining, them are decorated at the handle with golden Quastenband.


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