Table decoration – a scent of lemon
fills the room. A delight for more than the eyes!

table decoration with lemons
table decor scent of lemon

A white lace tea cloth with a flower design in decorative embroidered appliqué is placed on a dark blue tablecloth. First, two low-set candleholders with pointed blue candles are placed in a glass bowl in the center of the table; then the bowl is filled with lemons. Lemon slices float in small glass bowls that are arranged on the lace tea cloth. The lighting elements are selected to match the blue/yellow decoration: blue tea light holders rest on small glass vases and yellow candles and lemon slices are floating in a glass dessert dish at the table's edge.

A very special lemon tree at the back of the table is sure to attract attention. Lemon slices are hung on dry twigs or attached with a little wire. The lemon tree stands in a glass vase filled with yellow napkins.
A glass dessert dish with a yellow lemon is placed on the plates. A slender, blue satin ribbon with a small blue artificial flower underneath is tied around the yellow napkins.


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