Spanish table decoration
 Table Setting - of Spain guitars ring out -

... one has this Refrain of an old hit automatically in the ear at the sight of this table. If you shift their guests into the country of Toreros, Flamenco and fiery Senioriotas, serve in addition a Spanish
Paella and a good Spanish red wine. The whole with Spanish music under and if possible with absorbed room light guarantees a Spanish night, how she could more Spanish not be.

Decor - Decoration spanish Deco - Decoration spanish

The "Spanish" guitar is placed on a stool behind the table that it is visible to somewhat more than half, by supporting books the guitar into an easy inclination is in such a way brought. On a red tischdecke a broad, black point lies over the entire table length. As flower decoration red Lampionblumen is used, which is located in a disguised (red paper-napkin) glass vase, which is decorated with black Satinbaendern. The candles are located likewise in glass vases, which
become high narrow vases with red clay/tone cardboard and black point changed into Spanish leuchter. On the table scattered black Tuellrosen supplements the decoration.

The nationaltypical fan, which decorates the plate, was manufactured from red clay/tone cardboard and out-arranged with black point and black Satinband. The napkins are folded to the Saxonian contactor cap,
which is decorated with black point.

Deco - Decoration spanish


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