Table decoration and decor for Baptism celebration
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Marc is baptized. Over all the ceremony, which this day brings with itself, we did not forget that Marc is located in the center and so we express festiveness, which is combined with childlike playfulness with this decoration.

decoration decor for Baptism celebration

The table is not light blue in the classical for young decorated, on the contrary with pastel inks with the zartheit of the child one deals. A rosafarbene tischdecke is therefore taken as basis and decorated with a white point volume with flower sample, which is put over the length of the table.

decoration decor for Baptism celebration
decoration decor for Baptism celebration

The volume serves as orientation for the "child decoration", in the back sits two teddybaeren, the larger of the two carries a tuerkisfarbene baby cap, which is smaller in pink baby socks and a white cap (Babysoeckchen) dresses. Are arranged forward: rosafarbene Babysoeckchen, laetzchen Donald duck. As well as the baptizing table out-decorated with candles, those in glass candle stands and in glass vases are located with small white Blumenstraeus likewise in Glasvae and wind lights.

The ceremony of the cause comes with the decoration of the covers to the expression. Light blue napkins are hit into a white plate set and verziert with a bead cord.


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