Table cloths and decoration material for Easter
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Happy Easter bunnies greet your guests and have also brought them a little gift. A beautiful Easter table that will delight young and old.

The most time-consuming part is crafting the Easter bunnies; when this is done they'll produce a beautiful Easter as if by magic.

A section of artificial grass is placed in the middle of a yellow table cloth. This is where the eggs from the Easter bunnies' Easter egg production are set out to dry. A nimble rabbit takes the eggs away in a basket. Little chicks are romping about among the colored eggs. Little glass vases with white and yellow blossoms are placed all around the grass; a curious Easter bunny is peering out from behind two of them. At the head of the table, the chief Easter bunny is overseeing the goings on.
Happy Easter bunnies with a surprise Easter egg for every guest are sitting on the plates. Little rabbits are lolling about lazily on the napkins.


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